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Desert Sky Payments is without a doubt, the brand to look out for when searching for payment solutions. We provide the best services within the entirety of the United States. Desert Sky Payments isn’t just ‘any brand’ within the market. With our commitment towards innovation, and providing top-notch customer service. Desert Sky Payments has for sure redefined the entire scenario in the facilitation of transactions, making other services look mediocre. 

Our sole motto of putting the customer first and foremost is the reason that motivates us to bring these custom-tailored solutions for each and every brand. Since every business is a no-size-fits-all, our payment solutions help you out, no matter how small or large your business is. Over the years, our services have only surpassed all industry standards, outperforming everyone’s expectations such that our clients willingly work with us again and again. And thus, Desert Sky Payments has set a new trademark, as the new leader within the world of tailor-made payments, within the United States.

Our Services

Merchant services

Desert Sky Payments offers a wide variety of solutions and plans tailored to your business’s financial needs. These consist of different payment processing services, enabling businesses to accept a multitude of payments, including credit cards, debit cards and digital wallets. Also, Desert Sky Payments provides Point-of-Sale systems and terminals, ensuring smooth transactions inside and outside stores. Along with all this, we also provide value-added merchant services like fraud protection, charge-back management, recurring billing and analytical reporting. Other options such as mobile payments, e-commerce integration, and customized payment gateways are also provided by us. This financial ‘arsenal’ lets any business fully control its own growth, letting it streamline its operations, have better customer feedback, and optimize its financial management efficiently.

Credit Card processing

With Desert Sky Payments, credit card processing becomes a hassle-free and secure process. Our processing plan is structured to elevate a business’ financial capabilities. Helping each business out with state-of-the-art technology, while providing the best expertise. We facilitate  credit card transactions quickly and reliably for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The sturdy infrastructure provided by us ensures ensures data integrity of our customers while enabling businesses to accept major credit cards. Thus expanding their horizons to accept payments, and broadening their customer base, while also increasing their sales. With the transparent pricing we provide, with top-notch solutions, along with 24/7 available customer support. We will make your credit card processing a proper reason for your business’ growth, by providing you with each and every tool and service to let you thrive and excel in this fast and competitive world.

Online & E-commerce

Desert Sky Payments has changed the outlook within the e-commerce and online marketing domain. By offering tailored solutions to businesses venturing into the digital workspace. Our services in online payment processing seamlessly integrate with the platforms present online. Enabling businesses to deal with monetary functions securely and swiftly, across various channels and sources. Desert Sky Payments also provides customizable gateways for payment, ensuring a smooth checkout process for the customers, while prioritizing our customers’ security, to secure their data. To make sure that your customer is having a seamless shopping experience, we provide you with tools that safeguard against recurring bills, fraud prevention, and detailed analytics. Giving you all the power you need to steer your business in the right direction, effectively.


Ingenico Move 5000

Dejavu QD4

Clover POS

Touch Bistro

Bringing to you the Best Payment Solutions

Desert Sky Payments holds a remarkable variety of the most advanced card processing and point-of-sales systems. Making sure that the businesses have access to the latest technology, ensures secure and efficient transactions. Our wide variety of plans cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes. While offering versatile and flexible options and solutions that align with the ever-growing industrial standards, making sure you aren’t left behind in this race. Along with this, we specialize in the seamless execution of plans, which allows businesses to incorporate our systems within their infrastructure so that the transition from your old set-up to your new set-up doesn’t feel rugged.

Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Scott Conant
Scott Conant
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"My partnership with Desert Sky Payments gives me peace of mind. Their reliability and security are unmatched and, their personal, hands-on support sets them apart fro the competition - especially the big names who do not take a personal or consultative approach to the client relationship."
Joseph King
Joseph King
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"I can't express enough how thrilled I am with the exceptional level of customer support provided by Desert Sky Payments! As a business owner who relies on seamless payment processing, the support team at Desert Sky Payments has truly exceeded my expectations. From day one, I have been impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to ensuring that my business's payment processing needs are met with the highest level of efficiency and reliability..."
Jose Abadi
Jose Abadi
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Desert Sky Payments is just the best payment solutions provider out there, Until recently, our company wasn't using the newest technologies available. However, now that we've asked them for assistance, everything was integrated quickly and without any problems. In a few short days, my company went from being an average, low-scoring business to a high-scoring one.
Joe Lamb
Joe Lamb
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I'm ecstatic right now because of the excellent customer service they provide. I was concerned about payment plans and other setups. But the customer service is extremely patient and cooperative. They took me through the tedious procedures one by one, I am impressed by their professionalism and expertise. I would definitely give everything a 10/10.



Our company asks for your company’s general details, such as size, general income revenue and other similar data. And with that, we analyze the structure of the company. Afterwards, we prepare a set model of your company which enables us to provide plans that suit your business plan and are the best in terms of affordability and services.

Our company stands out by providing the best secure and seamless financial transaction services. By offering services through various gateways and platforms, by offering the best conversion rates. While making sure that globally, your customers are able to pay through any currency, so there’s no financial barrier between both parties.

Custom solution development, perfectly balanced price points and excellent customer support are our priorities in order to provide you with a comprehensive solution to resolve your payment problems.

There remains no doubt that we have our engineering support team in our corner to help us fix any problems that we may encounter or questions we may have. In this way, you can navigate your business with ease.

We ensure reliability by being steadfast about many factors such as fraud protection, compatibility, and an end-to-end encryption service which protects your credentials and sensitive information.

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